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I am Alucards #1 fan...Praise Me

Anizona...i think that sums it up there ^_^

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25 June 1990
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Hello, everyone and thanks for visiting my page! Let's see where should I start first, okay I am a High School Student in an art program...yes, I am good in art ( will scan pics later )I want to be able to work in Japan when I am older to create anime or at least work with English Dubs in Texas. Anyway...yes so that is my dream and on to my hobbies I watch anime no duh, I also love to play video games ranging from Kingdom Hearts to HALO 2. I also read manga and go on the computer alot as you can see my example me typing this ^_^ Anyway I am a friendly person or that is what my friends tell me and I love to chat so send me a message if ya won't ok -_- Alright, this is getting long so I am going to end it here so see ya around so long...

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